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Our YouTube Channel has extensive step-by-step tutorials on all features and aspects of the Software.

STEP-by-step video tutorials


How to send free messages to parents and students
how to post a message on the noticeboard
how to send an email to parents, staff and students
how to upload and send a newsletter (2 ways)
How to send login details to parents and students


how to download your school app's from the playstore

academics TUTORIALS

how to add a class and section
how to add a subject and subject group
how students can view their class timetable
How to assign a class teacher
How to view a teacher's timetable


How to admit a student
How to upload students in bulk
Online Admission
How to add a student house and category


How to check the attendance reports
How to check the lesson plan report
How to check the library reports
how to check the human resources reports
How to check the student information report
how to check the transport and hostel report

human resources TUTORIALS

How staff members can apply for leave
How students can rate teachers
how to add a department and designation
how to add a leave type
How to generate a payroll and record salaries

attendance TUTORIALS

How to mark staff attendance
How to mark student attendance